This is the home for Lysender's small projects called "pet projects" and other extra projects that randomly comes up.

Pet Projects

1. Google Chrome Timein Timeout Extension

Google Chrome extension that reminds you to time-in and time-out. This is especially helpful when your company uses a computerized/networked time-in and time-out system.

Learn more about the extension.

Mini-pet Projects

1. Sprint Name Generator

Lysender is a team member which practices agile methodology called Scrum. Every two weeks or so, there are new features that need to be delivered to the e-commerce site and this period is called sprint. Each sprint has a name, composed of 2 words starting with the same letter (adjective noun). It starts with letter A, for example Agile Aadvark was their first sprint.

This sprint name generator lets you choose a letter and a sprint name is generated for you from the list.

Click here to view the generator.