For almost three (3) years in web development, Lysender develops and maintains the following projects:

Company Projects

1. TECHTUIT - Barcode labeling and inventory tracking

Running for more than two years already, this barcode labeling and inventory tracking system is built in Zend Framework and MySQL for Techtuit Philippines. The application keeps track of SD card chips and MP3 player items from sevaral production stages. Using PECL's print extensions, the application is able to print barcode labels to SATO barcode printers for each client.

It also saves shipment data into an Excel file using PEAR's Spreadsheet Writer package.

2. Rajatours - Administration panel

As a team member, Lysender develops the administration panel for the Rajahtours online reservation system. The panel has a custom built Content Management System written in Zend Framework that allows the administrators to edit contents, prices, upload pictures, accept or deny reservation and the like.

Currently, the project is handled by another team as new features are requested by the client and Lysender has been assigned to other projects.

3. Daito - Retail Management

An ordering and retail management system for a Japan based company - Daito. Most of the application parts includes items, prices and shipping information. It also included reports printing for sales and delivery.

Uses Zend Framework and MS SQL Server 2005. Lysender is part of the team and usually do some of the modules on it.

4. Manken - Comic Manager

Online Manga store. It is a conversion of the existing system written in ASP MSSQL and is converted to PHP MySQL. It is a small application that tracks comic book reservation.

5. Others not listed

Others not listed are either personal projects or maintenance projects only or projects that has NDA (non-disclosure agreement). For personal projects, I usually write them on my blog.