This is the home for various online tools for developer that may come in handy for developers or QAs in their day to day activities.

Online tools

1. URL Encoder/Decoder

Copy and paste URLs and strings, convert from raw URL to human readable format and vice versa.

URL Encoder/Decoder.

2. World Clock

Create world clock widgets for different timezones. This is needed when working with other people on different timezones.

World Clock.

3. Base64 Encoder/Decoder

Base64 encode a string or base64 decode it back. Usefull when working with base64 encoded data.

Base64 Encoder/Decoder.

4. Sum First Column of File

Sums up the first column of the file contents. Just paste the file contents then click a button. Useful when summing up hourly error log files with occurrence number at the first column.

Sum First Column of File.